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How Does Locum Tenens Work?

Different healthcare staffing agencies offer different processes, but providers and facilities that leverage locum tenens often find the hiring process to be quicker and easier than that of a traditional permanent placement.

Barton's Process




Have Your Initial Consultation

Once you start with a locum tenens agency, you’ll schedule a phone consultation to discuss your interests, goals, and work history. This gives your recruiter good insight into the types of opportunities you’re looking for, and makes your overall job-search process more efficient.  



Identify Your Need

Your locum tenens agency will work with you to gather key pieces of information, including the type of physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, dentist, or certified registered nurse anesthetist you need, when and for how long you need them, and your budget parameters.


Apply to Jobs — The Easy Way

Once you’ve had a chance to evaluate your options and decide which position(s) you’re interested in, your recruiter will submit your CV and other critical information to the hiring manager for review. This sometimes includes setting up a phone interview to ensure both you and the manager agree it’s a good fit.



Interview Candidate(s)

Once you’ve selected the locum tenens candidate(s) you’re interested in, your account manager will coordinate interviews with you and your team, if required. Generally, these interviews occur over the phone and provide the opportunity to get to know the candidate(s) so you can make an informed decision.


Make Your Decision

If, after evaluating your options, you and the hiring organization decide to move forward, your recruiter will put the details of the locum assignment on paper and finalize the arrangement.



Select a Locum Provider

After you’ve had a chance to evaluate all the candidates, simply let your account manager know which one you’d like to hire. They will then coordinate the offer and ensure your provider of choice is on board with joining your team. 


Finalize Licensing, Credentialing, and Travel Details

Once you’ve agreed to move forward, your recruiter will work with you to handle any remaining details. At Barton, we’ll assign both a licensing and credentialing specialist and a travel specialist to guide you.



Finalize Credentialing

After you and your locum have both agreed to move forward, your account manager will coordinate any necessary credentialing between your facility and the locum. That way, the process will go as smoothly as possible and your locum will be ready to go on day one!


Start Your Locum Job!

Now that you’ve tackled all the details, you’re ready to get started. Being a locum provider means you’re an independent contractor, and you’re typically paid on a net-15 basis. Keep in touch with your recruiter during your placement for help with addressing any issues or concerns. Given the temporary nature of locum placements, it’s important to discuss the potential for a contract extension at your current facility, or other opportunities your recruiter has available for you once your current placement has ended.



Submit Your Payment

While the locum physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, dentist, or certified registered nurse anesthetist is on assignment, you will only need to pay your locum agency the agreed-upon amount. Unlike hiring a permanent employee, you incur no overhead costs associated with medical benefits, retirement plans, or medical malpractice insurance. Nice and simple!

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