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What Is Locum Tenens for Doctors and Physicians?

Locum Tenen Defined

Working locum tenens jobs is an attractive option for a doctor or any medical professional. Locum Tenen healthcare professionals gain clinical experience, get career flexibility and avoid burnout. When physicians are engaged, rested and well-paid, they're able to provide better care, which benefits everyone — especially patients! What is locum tenens? Watch the video and keep reading to find out.

What Is Locum Tenens?

Locum Tenen Equates To More Than a Convenience

“Locum tenens” is Latin for “holding one’s place.” 

A locum tenens staffing and recruiting agency such as Barton Associates assigns physicians, PAs, NPs, CRNAs and dentists to short- and long-term positions at hospitals, medical practices and organizations across the United States.

There is a critical shortage of healthcare providers in the United States — and this shortage is growing at an alarming rate. In many markets and areas of practice, the supply of doctors is not sufficient to meet the needs of healthcare practices and their patients.

As a result, organizations are increasingly turning to locum tenens firms such as Barton Associates for fast and efficient physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, CRNA and dentist staffing solutions.

Who’s "Going Locum"?

The increased need for healthcare providers across the country creates a challenge that locum tenens is uniquely suited to solve.

Locum tenens adds hiring flexibility for both clients and providers because of its short-term structure and the firm’s ability to offer licensing and credentialing support throughout North America. This means companies looking to hire a healthcare provider are no longer at the mercy of their local talent landscape, and healthcare providers have the ability to travel and work where they’d like, when they’d like. Win-win!

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