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When there is a staffing shortage, the need to find coverage is – pun intended – urgent. We understand how important it is to avoid gaps in scheduling and that's why we are ready, able, and prepared to staff your facility with locum tenens providers as these situations arise.

Staffing an urgent care facility is complex and competitive, and no one knows that better than the locum tenens specialists at Barton. We have nearly two decades of experience working with urgent care and ER facilities to quickly find qualified locum providers available to work when you need them.

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Staffing Urgent Care Facilities

Locum tenens providers are a great option

Between 2016 and 2026, hospital and urgent care employment is expected to increase and will account for more than one-third of total hiring within the healthcare industry during that time. With that type of demand for talent, partnering with Barton means you have immediate access to the best healthcare providers in your area and beyond.

Keep the Pipeline Open

Barton’s commitment to best-in-class recruitment and marketing operations means we’re constantly adding new and qualified providers to our database. That way, we can be confident that we’ll never run out of talent for our clients in the urgent care space.


Working With Barton Associates



There is more competition among urgent care facilities than ever before. Stand out from the competition by avoiding holes in your staffing schedule and staying open later. 



If your facility is part of a healthcare system, you can work with Barton to keep your ER’s wait-time down, ensuring you're able to properly attend to critical and severely injured patients.



When you work with Barton, you’re supported by an entire team of expert recruiters, account managers, licensing and credentialing specialists, travel coordinators, and other people with one goal — to make the hiring process as fast, easy, and efficient as possible.

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