States You Can Get an NP License in Under Eight Weeks

Posted on: June 03, 2021

written by

Chris Keeley

Chances are you have chosen the locum tenens career path because of its flexible nature. A key factor in a provider’s decision to go locum is often having the ability to travel around the country. One of the major things holding providers back is not having the appropriate state license.

As you know, each state has their own timeframe in which a new license can be issued. However, here are the states where you can get a new nurse practitioner (NP) license in eight weeks or less.

At a quick glance, Kansas and New Hampshire have the fastest turnaround time. Read on to learn about the specifics of each state.

Additional Information


APNs who completed their educational programs January 1st, 2016 or later will receive prescriptive authority with their licenses.

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The provider will need to supply a Collaborative Practice Agreement before the application for prescriptive authority as an APN license is issued. The APN needs to submit a new Collaborative Practice Agreement when there is a change of practice address and/or new collaborating physician. The collaborative agreement goes into effect as soon as it's submitted to board - it does not need board approval. APN can practice on a National Certification on an Indiana RN license.

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Applications can only be completed online. If the provider lives in a compact state and has an NP license, it is possible to obtain the NP license typically within 2 weeks.

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The prescriptive authority form cannot be submitted until the NP license is active. Once it arrives, it processes the same day so the DEA is able to switch or issue. The collaborative agreement goes into effect as soon as submitted to the board - it does not need to be approved.

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A temporary permit is available for both RN and APN, but an APN temporary permit or full APN license cannot be issued unless the nurse has a full Nebraska RN license or is licensed as an RN and resides in another compact state. The APN is allowed to apply for a DEA on an APN temporary permit.

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North Dakota

A temporary license is available, but the APN cannot prescribe on a temporary license.

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New Hampshire

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Rhode Island

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Vermont requires a graduate degree in nursing when applying for a new license. In order to be issued prescriptive authority without a collaborating physician, the NP has to have worked for 2 years non-consecutively under the supervision of another physician in Vermont or any other state. The 2 years have to be after they become nationally certified.

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