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Locum Tenens Experts

How Barton Associates Can Help You Find Your Next Locum Tenens Opportunity

At Barton Associates, we are the Locum Tenens Experts®.

We place locum tenens physicians, dentists, CRNAs, NPs, and PAs across a wide range of specialties in all 50 states.

Whether you are a seasoned provider or just getting into the locum tenens market, Barton Associates has the experience and the resources to find you the perfect opportunity and get you to that assignment quickly and efficiently.

Read on to learn more about how Barton Associates is your one-stop shop for all things locum tenens.

Barton Reviews

Locum Tenens Healthcare Success Stories

Barton Reviews

Dr. Zainab S., M.D. - "The best agency I worked and still working with. The best consultant I worked and still work with. I am more than happy working with this agency. Connors Perkins is my consultant."

Lisa T., APRN - "Love working for Barton! My recruiter is awesome, always on top of things, pay is regular and on time, good jobs. I can’t complain. I’m able to work close to home without being owned by a company."

Dr. Cynthia O., D.O. - "I have always enjoyed and hope to continue the working relationship I have with Barton Associates. I really especially enjoy working with Anthony Grace who has always and continues to be very courteous, and professional and caring. He is indeed a great asset to your agency. Dr. Owens."

Howard C., Healthcare Professional - "Absolutely the best experience I've had with a locum tenens company...He was immediately responsive to any request/need I would have, even if it was late at night on a weekend."

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Pros of Being a Locum Tenens Provider

Read About What Makes Being a Locum Tenens Provider a Great Career Path

Do you know what it means to be a locum tenens provider? Whether it be from your studies, chatter from colleagues, or independent research of your own, at some point you've probably heard about locum tenens. It's good that you are aware of it, but did you realize what a great opportunity it truly is? As a locum tenens provider, you will experience being a provider from a whole new perspective. Here are some of the pros of going locum:

- Pick your own schedule

- Experience new practice settings

- Have the potential to earn more than your permanent counterpart

- Travel anywhere in the country

On top of all the wonderful reasons to become a locum tenens provider, you will also be performing meaningful work. The purpose of locum tenens providers is to help staff underserved areas and facilities that are in immediate need of coverage. In most cases, patients would be going unseen without the help of locum tenens providers.

Our 1:1 Approach

What it's Like Working with Barton

Our goal is to build relationships with our clients. To do this, we dedicate one account manager to each of our client accounts. This allows us to build the strongest possible relationship to ensure your talent needs are met today and tomorrow. That commitment to building personal partnerships is the anchor of our “1:1 Approach” strategy, which has helped make us a leader in the locum tenens space for almost 20 years.

The Best Talent

Get Access to the Best Talent in the Industry

Our experienced recruiting team conducts thorough interviews and reference checks to ensure that we have the best network of locum tenens physicians, dentists, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners in the industry.

Fast Results

Never Worry About Sudden Vacancies Again

Barton’s locum tenens providers can fill your facility's needs for any position, and can be available within 24 hours for openings ranging from a few days to six months or longer!

Flexible Solutions

Flexible Solutions to Help Your Organization Thrive

No matter how your staffing outlook changes, Barton Associates has invested significantly in technology, operations, and marketing to ensure we’re able to handle any challenge our clients face.


Leave the Complexities of Staffing to Us

From securing the perfect candidate to credentialing and travel-related issues, our extensive operations team handles the entire locum tenens staffing process for you, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

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